logo design

Quetzz is a logo design project for Quetzz s.r.l., a web platform aiming to connect people in need with services they care about through recommendations. They reached out to me for a new logo, because they were dissatisfied with the previous design.

The challenge

Quetzz s.r.l. wanted a modern logo for their upcoming platform, inspired by the platform's name: Quetzz. The name is itself inspired by the Aztec god of knowledge and learning Quetzalcoatl, often depicted as a feathered serpent or dragon.

The design

The client was adamant about capturing the origins of the brand name in the logo, so the design process reflected that, with an emphasis on cultural research and tradition. In order to modernize and simplify the logo, geometric simplicity was a constraint to keep in mind.


Translated, Quetzalcoatl means “feathered serpent”, which provided the foundation for the logo. Additionally, the form of the serpent resembles a Q, first letter of the brand name. Graphically, the logo speaks a minimal and geometric language with emphasis on clean lines and regular proportions. There are 4 willingly sharp corners in the logo, all placed to represent feathers in an otherwise smooth shape. The logo works well in small and big formats, thanks to its simple construction.

Business cards

As part of the logo design application, I designed some business cards for the company. On the back, the logo has a subtle two-dimensional shadow applied and spills over the edge of the card, to maximise size and effect. The front is a simple two column layout with key information.

Methods and tools

This logo design was a solo project. The main process involved a lot of research and iteration on the origins of the name. The main design was created in Affinity Designer.

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