logo design, motion design

Rollo is device designed for angular motion tinkering developed by Isonlab. I was involved to help with the product and industrial design, part of the engineering as well as logo and motion design. Due to the project still being under development, I can't disclose some parts of this work, but I will share the logo and motion design aspects.


The main Rollo device is circular, designed to rotate and spin. This heavily inspired the logo design direction. The main shape of the mark is therefore circular, with a partial second circle within. This partial circle, coupled with an arrow that reinforces the fact that Rollo is meant to move and spin, creates the shape of an R, which is the initial letter of the product name. The elements within the logo are meant to be utilized playfully in the wider branding aspects of the video, as can be seen in the video introducing the logo below.


The animation was designed to present the logo and surrounding graphical elements for branding purposes. All elements present in the logo construction feature heavily in the animation, presented in a playful interplay that culminate with the logo construction. The visual white-on-white is meant to appear non threatening and friendly, while resembling a white sheet of paper - indicative of infinite possibilities with the device and freedom of imagination.

Methods and tools

The logo was developed mainly using Affinity Designer, with occasional Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop work. The animation was designed and developed entirely in Adobe After Effects. All elements on this page were developed autonomously, but the work on the device itself, which is not featured on this page, is a collaborative effort.

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